Bailey's Bedazzled for Burberry

Burberry Prorsum is the show to watch whenever London Collections: Men is in full swing, and Christopher Bailey's effectual changes to the clothing each season is welcomed as he manages to create a flow between the two. For Fall/Winter 2015, Mr. Bailey seemed abashed and withheld in this approach, with the collection similar to his preceding one in more ways than expected.

Spring/Summer 2015 for Burberry is bright and vivid yet sophisticated, so expectations for his latest collection would be a more muted interpretation of the previous, but Bailey completely threw us off with what he has conjured. Too many ideas appeared - shearling, suiting, embellished scarves and bags, velour, cheetah, organic florals, spectacles and that '70s trend popping up everywhere, fringing.

All of these led up to the plethora of bedazzlement in the jackets and coats at the end of the show, leaving me confused as to what he wants to convey. Maybe it's a stab at the eradication of "fashion trends", showing what an overload of styles we can choose from in this internet fuelled and globalised world. Nonetheless, this shaman-boho-bloomsbury hybrid is certainly stylish, but I'm not sure consumers and fans of the brand can fully embrace what was presented.

View the complete collection at www.style.com

Images courtesy of Burberry

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